Release Notes
Magnet AUTOMATE 1.04.7100 October 28, 2019

Support for multiple evidence items and case merging

Magnet AUTOMATE now supports the ability to create cases that include multiple evidence items.

You can now:

  • Create merge workflows that combine Magnet AXIOM cases from multiple evidence sources into a single case
  • Save time by running processing jobs in parallel instead of sequentially
  • Export results from multiple sources into a consolidated report
  • Specify unique workflow types and output paths for each evidence unit
  • View details about each evidence item run on the dashboard

Dashboard updates

With moving to multi-evidence cases, there are some important changes to note on the Dashboard. The Dashboard now displays logs and summaries by the individual run instead of by the case. To view the Run summary and Logs, you must first expand the case and then click the Show details button as you did previously.

The Dashboard also features a Duration column which previously tracked the duration of a case, but now also tracks the duration of individual runs. Now that cases can support multiple evidence items, this information isn't as applicable at the case level.

Additional updates

Bug fixes