Release Notes
Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise January 26, 2022

Introducing Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise

Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise provides the workflow building and automation functionality from Magnet AUTOMATE, while being tailored towards enterprise usage with its ability to remotely acquire evidence. Using remote acquire, you can gather evidence from both Windows and macOS computers to complete targeted investigations on an as-needed basis.

To collect data from a remote computer, your workflow creates an agent, which is a standalone executable process that gets deployed to the remote computer. Once the agent is running, it attempts to make a connection back to your workflow at a defined interval. After the workflow downloads items of interest from the remote computer, the agent is removed from the target computer.

A remote acquisition can target drive volumes (Windows only), memory (Windows only), and targeted locations from the computer (Windows and macOS).

New and updated

Here's some more information about updates to the Magnet AUTOMATE platform that have been introduced since the last Magnet AUTOMATE release.