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Magnet AXIOM Cyber June 29, 2020

Artifact updates

Android Messages-icon Android Messages
DuckDuckGo-icon DuckDuckGo
File System Info-icon File System Information
Google Duo-icon Google Duo
Google Meet-icon Google Meet
Private Photo Vault-icon Private Photo Vault
DuckDuckGo-icon DuckDuckGo
Facebook Messenger-icon Facebook Messenger
File System Info-icon File System Information
Google Duo-icon Google Duo
KnowledgeC-icon KnowledgeC
Photos Media Information-icon Photos Media Information
Significant Locations-icon Significant Locations
TextFree-icon TextFree
Threema-icon Threema
File System Info-icon File System Information
RDP-icon Remote Desktop Protocol
Windows OS-icon Windows OS
Photos Media Information-icon Photos Media Information
KnowledgeC-icon KnowledgeC
Cross Platform
Chrome-icon Chrome
Edge-icon Microsoft Edge
PDF-icon PDF

Custom targeted locations

You can add your own custom targeted locations to the default list of targeted locations in AXIOM Process!

  • Support for both Windows and macOS paths that point to a folder or a file.
  • Ability to include wildcard characters in the paths to serve as placeholders for items like all user names, all file names, and more.
  • For more information about creating custom targeted locations, log in to the Customer Portal to view the Adding custom targeted locations article.

New cloud platforms

Magnet AXIOM now includes even more support for cloud platforms!

  • You can now process Microsoft Unified Audit log .csv files generated using the Microsoft Security and Compliance Center.
  • AXIOM Process can now parse Cloud-acquired VMs for artifacts, in addition to carving for data. Additionally, when you acquire VM images, Magnet AXIOM now saves them directly to your evidence folder as VHD files and processed them directly.
  • You can now acquire WhatsApp messages from a mobile device using QR code acquisition.
  • You can now process Skype Warrant Returns.
  • More details...

More highlights

Other useful features in Magnet AXIOM 4.2.0 include:

  • You can now load standard AFF4 physical images into Magnet AXIOM for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, and Windows Phone workflows. More details...
  • Magnet AXIOM will now index File system items to allow for faster searching and filtering. More details...
  • When saving files to a .zip file, you now have the option to export to a single folder or maintain the original folder structure. More details...
  • Magnet AXIOM Cyber will now collect full RAM up to 60% faster. More details...


Remote acquisition





Bug fixes

Known issues