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Magnet AXIOM Cyber September 18, 2020

Upgrade note: If you're updating from version 4.4 through the update dialog in Magnet AXIOM Cyber, delta pack updates are not supported for this release. Your update will take longer than usual.

For more information about what delta packs offer, see

Artifact updates

Google Calendar-icon Google Calendar NEW
Google Duo-icon Google Duo
KakaoTalk-icon KakaoTalk
Mi Browser-icon Mi Browser NEW
Mint Browser-icon Mint Browser NEW
Wickr-icon Wickr Me
FeatureUsage-icon FeatureUsage NEW
Signal-icon Signal NEW
Wickr-icon Wickr NEW
Apple Maps-icon Apple Maps
Google Meet-icon Google Meet NEW
Google Calendar-icon Google Calendar NEW
Safari-icon Safari
Secret Photo Vault-icon Secret Photo Vault
Snapchat-icon Snapchat
TextMe-icon TextMe
TikTok-icon TikTok
Twitter-icon Twitter
Yahoo Mail-icon Yahoo Mail
Application Permissions -icon Application Permissions NEW
web page saver-icon Magnet Web Page Saver

AFF4-L containers

AXIOM Cyber now supports using AFF4-L containers to store file and folder data for logical acquisitions. This industry standard container helps ensure evidence integrity and admissibility in court.

The AFF4-L images that you create using remote acquire can be loaded into and processed by Magnet AXIOM.

For more information about AFF4, visit

Improved keyword search capabilities

AXIOM Examine has introduced the following search capabilities:

  • Keyword search history for each case
  • Auto-suggestion of column names and search history when using the search bar
  • Search results highlighted within the Preview card of HTML-based documents
  • Performance improvements with advanced searches (proximity search, match case, exact match, etc.)


Remote acquisition




Bug fixes

Known issues