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Magnet AXIOM Cyber May 04, 2021

Artifact updates

Burner-icon Burner Messages
Facebook Messenger-icon Facebook Messenger
KiwiBrowser-icon Kiwi Browser
Life360-icon Life360
Android SMS-icon MMS
Motion Photos-icon Motion Photos
Samsung Health-icon Samsung Health NEW
Signal-icon Signal
Tinder-icon Tinder
Twitter-icon Twitter
Uber-icon Uber Cached Locations
Wickr-icon Wickr Messages
Yahoo Email-icon Yahoo Webmail
Application Permissions-icon Application Permissions
Application Permissions-icon Application Permissions
Burner-icon Burner Messages
Chrome-icon Chrome
Facebook Messenger-icon Facebook Messenger
Google Meet-icon Google Meet
Grindr-icon Grindr
Grindr-icon Grindr Group Members NEW
Instagram-icon Instagram Media
MacOS_Generic-icon PowerLog
Signal-icon Signal
Slack-icon Slack
Snapchat-icon Snapchat
Telegram-icon Telegram
TextNow-icon TextNow
Uber-icon Uber Cached Locations
WeChat-icon WeChat Friends
Wickr-icon Wickr Messages
Generic Filesystem-icon Bash History NEW
Custom Artifact-icon Custom File Types
Network Interfaces-icon Network Interfaces NEW
OS_Info-icon Operating System Information NEW
Recent Files-icon Recent Files NEW
Scheduled Tasks-icon Scheduled Tasks NEW
SSH Keys-icon SSH Keys NEW
Generic Filesystem -icon Startup Items NEW
Generic Filesystem-icon System Logs NEW
Trash-icon Trash NEW
User Accounts-icon User Accounts NEW
OneDrive-icon OneDrive
Powershell-icon PowerShell History NEW
Wickr-icon Wickr Messages

Adding keywords to a case after processing

In this release, we've introduced significant enhancements to searching your evidence for keywords:

  • Add keywords to your case and run keyword searches against your already processed evidence from AXIOM Examine—without creating new evidence items.
  • Choose which evidence sources you want to search for keywords.
  • Additional related improvements to reduce overall scan times, including keyword searches, in AXIOM Process by approximately 30%.
  • More details...

Linux support

Added support for processing and recovering artifacts from images and files acquired from a Linux device.

  • Support for many popular distributions, including Ubuntu, Red Hat, Debian, Kali, and more.
  • Recover a wide range of system artifacts, such as user accounts, SSH keys, scheduled tasks, log files, Bash history, and recent files.
  • Process Linux images using a dedicated workflow in AXIOM Process.
  • More details...

Azure support

For Magnet AXIOM Cyber 5.0.0 and higher, customers with an active CLS license can deploy Magnet AXIOM Cyber using Microsoft Azure. For information about recommended configurations, log in to the Customer Portal to review the Running Magnet AXIOM Cyber in an Azure virtual machine article.


Remote acquisition




Bug fixes

Known issues