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Magnet AXIOM Cyber June 28, 2021

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Find matching identifiers across cases using Magnet Prague (beta)

Magnet Prague allows you to integrate a centralized database in Magnet AXIOM, and begin to search for identifiers of interest across cases.

  • Integrate Magnet Prague with AXIOM Examine to search for matching identifiers from other cases and upload identifiers from your case.
  • The Magnet Prague database can store people identifiers, such as email addresses or phone numbers, and device identifiers, such as camera serial numbers or phone IMEIs.
  • To download the beta version of Magnet Prague and its installation guide, visit Magnet Idea Lab.
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Search, sort, and filter the files and folders from a remote computer prior to acquisition

To search, sort, and filter the files and folders from the remote computer in AXIOM Process prior to acquisition, configure the agent to start downloading information about the file system structure as well as file and folder metadata.

  • After connecting to the remote computer, the agent builds an index of the file system structure to help you get to the evidence faster.
  • Apply date range filters, search the file tree for words or search terms in the selected folder, and sort and filter by file name, extension, or size.
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Remote acquisition




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