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Release Notes
Magnet AXIOM Cyber February 21, 2023

Artifact updates

Signal-icon Signal Stories
Telegram-icon Telegram Users
Mail-icon EML(X) Files
Microsoft Teams-icon Microsoft Teams Messages
Rebuilt Desktops-icon Rebuilt Desktops
Windows Stored Credentials-icon Stored Credentials
Microsoft Office-icon Various Microsoft Office artifacts
Open Office Calc-icon Various OpenOffice artifacts
Mail-icon EML(X) Files
iOS-icon Device Information
Facebook Messenger-icon Facebook Messenger
Instagram-icon Instagram Direct Messages
iOS-icon KnowledgeC Siri Intents NEW
Snapchat-icon Snapchat
TikTok-icon TikTok Videos
iOS - Biome
macOS-icon Biome Application Focus NEW
macOS-icon Biome Application Install States NEW
macOS-icon Biome Application Launch NEW
macOS-icon Biome CarPlay Connected Cars NEW
macOS-icon Biome CarPlay Connections NEW
macOS-icon Biome Device Orientation States NEW
macOS-icon Biome Device Plugged-in States NEW
macOS-icon Biome Do Not Disturb Data NEW
macOS-icon Biome Keybag Lock States NEW
macOS-icon Biome Safari History NEW
macOS-icon Biome Safari Page View NEW
macOS-icon Biome Siri Execution NEW
macOS-icon Biome Siri UI Usage NEW
macOS-icon Biome User Activity NEW

Biome artifact support for iOS 16

In this release, we've added new Biome artifacts that provide insight into a user's activity on their iOS device. These new artifacts retrieve data that were migrated to a new location and proprietary container in iOS 16. We've also added several new pattern of life activity artifacts that were discovered in the same area of the iOS file system.





Data enrichment and analytics

Bug fixes

Known issues