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Magnet AXIOM Cyber October 17, 2022

Artifact updates

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Limit content when acquiring a Microsoft Outlook mail account

You can now further define the scope of Microsoft Cloud mail acquisitions.

  • Use keywords to limit the content acquired from Microsoft Outlook mail accounts.
  • Browse and select specific mail folders to include in the acquisition.

Search for known and non-relevant files using Hash Sets Manager

If your organization is using a central database with the Hash Sets Manager beta, you can now use hash sets of known and non-relevant files in your AXIOM cases.

  • Use known file hash sets to search for and tag evidence that might be known to your organization, such as documents or other file types of interest.
  • Use non-relevant file hash sets to ignore common files, such as standard OS icons and screen savers, so that they don't clutter your evidence.
  • Known and non-relevant file hash sets support MD5 and SHA1 hashes.

To learn more about Hash Sets Manager and download a copy of the beta, visit the Magnet Idea Lab.

New LevelDB viewer in AXIOM Examine

In the File system explorer, you can now view LevelDB databases in the LevelDB viewer. To help with your investigation of this data, you can also search the database, view and save BLOB data, or change the encoding of data in the table.

Updates to the Email explorer

We've made the following updates to the Email explorer:

  • You can now filter attachments based on file size.
  • You can now tag email attachments individually, and allow AXIOM Examine to automatically tag the parent email when you tag its attachment.
  • Email evidence loads more quickly due to performance improvements.





Bug fixes

Known issues