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Release Notes
Magnet AXIOM Cyber April 18, 2023

Artifact updates

Call logs UFED-icon Android Call Logs (UFED Agent)
Call logs-icon Call logs
Google Maps-icon Google Maps
Outlook-icon Outlook
ProtonMail-icon ProtonMail
Signal-icon Signal
Slack-icon Slack
Snapchat-icon Snapchat
Telegram-icon Telegram
Textfree-icon Textfree
WeChat-icon WeChat Messages
WhatsApp-icon WhatsApp
Safari-icon Safari Downloads
Safari-icon Safari iCloud Tabs
Rebuilt Desktops-icon Rebuilt Desktops
Refined Results
Web Chat-icon Web Chat URLs
iOS - Biome
macOS-icon Biome App Intents NEW
  • Apple Maps
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram Direct Messages
  • iMessage/SMS/MMS
  • iOS Call Logs
  • Signal
  • Siri
  • Snapchat
  • Weather
  • WhatsApp
macOS-icon CarPlay Recently Used Apps NEW
macOS-icon Device Screen Backlight States NEW
macOS - Biome
macOS-icon Application Focus NEW
macOS-iconApplication Launch NEW
macOS-iconDevice Plugged-In States NEW
macOS-iconDevice Screen Backlight States NEW
macOS-icon Network Usage
Outlook-icon Outlook
Safari-icon Safari Downloads
Safari-icon Safari iCloud Tabs
Safari-icon Safari Last Session NEW
macOS-icon Volume Information
iOS Call Logs-icon Call Logs
iOS-icon Device Information
DuckDuckGo-icon DuckDuckGo Bookmarks NEW
Edge-icon Edge Chromium Web History
LINE-icon LINE Messages
Outlook-icon Outlook
Safari-icon Safari iCloud Tabs
Safari Safari Last Session NEW
Signal-icon Signal
Slack-icon Slack
Snapchat-icon Snapchat
Textfree-icon Textfree
TextMe-icon TextMe Calls
TextMe-icon TextMe Conversations NEW
TextMe-icon TextMe Messages
TextNow-icon TextNow
Tinder-icon Tinder
WhatsApp-icon WhatsApp

Comae plug-in for supported Windows dump file analysis

  • Faster analysis of dump files without having to select a memory profile.
  • Perform YARA rules scans on memory images.
  • Support for Windows 11 machines.
  • 64bit dump file support.

Privileged content exclusion and tagging

Use keyword lists to exclude matches from the Artifacts explorer, or to tag artifacts for review in AXIOM Examine.

Shared Agent Configuration

Multiple cyber workstations can now manage single or multiple endpoints with the use of shared agents.

Export related messages and attachments to load files

When exporting a load file, if you've included emails or files that were recovered as email attachments, you can now allow AXIOM Examine to automatically export related files. Select this option to allow for the following:

  • If you've included an email, all attached files are included.
  • If you've included an attachment, the parent email and all sibling attachments are included.

Performance improvements in AXIOM Examine

Performance improvements implemented across AXIOM Examine include:

  • Faster loading in thumbnail view and conversation view.
  • Faster initial loading and filtering in Artifacts explorer.
  • Faster exporting.
  • Faster case opening.

Note that many factors can influence performance, such as hardware and case size. The improvements listed above generally appear more significant in lager cases.

See relevant data when viewing multiple artifacts in the Artifacts explorer

When you view multiple artifacts at once in the Artifacts explorer, AXIOM Examine now displays a key detail, supporting detail, and additional detail. These details appear depending on what is commonly most relevant for each artifact. For example, an email artifact might display the sender, recipient, and message body, whereas a document might display the file name, file size, and author.

Export tags and comments to Magnet REVIEW

When you create an export for Magnet REVIEW, you can now include tags and comments from your AXIOM case.

Search for CSAM content using Thorn's robust AI models

Magnet Forensics has partnered with Thorn to help you track down CSAM content in your cases. In addition to the default Magnet.AI models, you can integrate Thorn to make use of their AI models, which are trained using a more robust data set.

Thorn integration is available to law enforcement only. To learn more about Thorn, see their website:


Remote acquisition




Data enrichment and analytics

Bug fixes

Known issues