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Release Notes
Magnet AXIOM Cyber May 18, 2023

Artifact updates

Device Health Services-icon Device Health Services NEW
Installed Applications-icon Installed Applications
Motion Photos-icon Motion Photos
TikTok-icon TikTok Media
iOS-icon Device Information
iOS-icon Device Wallpapers NEW
TikTok-icon TikTok Media
WhatsApp-icon WhatsApp Messages
Operating System Information-icon Operating System Information
Microsoft Office-icon Microsoft Office 365 MRU NEW
Program Compatibility Assistant Records-icon Program Compatibility Assistant Records NEW
Google Account-icon Cloud Google Account Information (Warrant Return)
Google Account-icon Cloud Google Login History (Warrant Return)
Snapchat-icon Snapchat Geolocation (Warrant Return) NEW
All platforms
Audio-icon Audio
Video-icon Video

Deflate64 and RAR solid support

AXIOM Process will now recover artifacts from Deflate 64 based ZIP files and RAR solid archives. This may result in more evidence being properly recovered from these formats when discovered within evidence.

Enhanced file source exception reporting

Now, you can enable a more detailed level of exception reporting. Once enabled, a summary of the file source exceptions will be available in the case dashboard's scan summary in AXIOM Examine.

Include image hash verification in the scan summary

If enabled, image hash verification will now appear in the scan summary in AXIOM Process when the scan completes and also in the case dashboard's scan summary in AXIOM Examine. Previously, it was only available in the case information.

Import tags and keywords from Magnet REVIEW

You can now merge tags and comments back into the original case after exporting them to Magnet REVIEW.

  • In AXIOM Examine, create a Magnet REVIEW export including tags and comments.
  • Another stakeholder can apply tags and comments to the exported evidence in Magnet REVIEW, then export their updates.
  • Import the evidence back into the original case in AXIOM Examine.

Conversation view enhancements

We've updated Conversation view with an improved layout and faster loading in cases with many chat threads. In Conversation view, select a chat thread to view the messages in the conversation below.


Remote acquisition



Bug fixes

Known issues