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Release Notes
Magnet AXIOM Cyber June 12, 2023

Artifact updates

Mobile Owner Information-icon Device Information
Samsung Device Health Services-icon Samsung Device Health Services Battery Statistics NEW
Samsung Digital Wellbeing-icon Samsung Digital Wellbeing Events NEW
Samsung Keyboard Clipboard History-icon Samsung Keyboard Clipboard History NEW
Signal Messages-icon Signal Messages
Snapchat-icon Snapchat
Facebook Messenger Groups-icon Facebook Messenger Groups
Facebook Messenger Groups-iconInstalled Applications
iOS-icon Device Information
Wallpapers-icon Device Wallpapers
iOS Camera-icon iOS Snapshots
SnapChat-icon Snapchat
TikTok-icon TikTok Contacts
WhatsApp-icon WhatsApp Contacts
BraveBookmarks-icon Brave Bookmarks
Google Contacts-icon Google Contacts
Pictures-icon Pictures
Pictures-icon Pictures

Updates to file types in the File system explorer

In this release, we've made the following improvements to the File system explorer:

  • View previews of Android Binary XML (ABX) files, a file type introduced in Android 12 which has replaced XML data in many artifacts
  • View .log files in the LevelDB viewer if they are recovered from LevelDB folders in the file system.




Bug fixes

Known issues