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Magnet AXIOM Cyber August 08, 2023

Artifact updates

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AXIOM integration with GrayKey and VeraKey

Automatically process full filesystem GrayKey/VeraKey images as AXIOM cases directly from the GrayKey/VeraKey UI.

  • Completed GrayKey/VeraKey images are hash verified before being moved to an AXIOM device for processing.
  • Multiple instances of AXIOM can be configured and selected.
  • Monitor download and processing status through a new web dashboard.

Examine raw data using the protobuf viewer

AXIOM Examine now includes a protobuf viewer within the File system explorer's SQLite viewer. Protobuf encoded data is increasingly common to encounter on Android and iOS devices. Using the protobuf viewer, you can:

  • Review and validate encoded data for Android and iOS artifacts.
  • Find additional potential artifacts and artifact fragments within your current evidence source.
  • To access Magnet.AI categorization, go to Tools > Settings and enable additional features.

macOS signed agents

In this release, all macOS agents are created as signed applications

  • Create and deploy signed macOS agents directly from AXIOM Cyber.
  • Simplified deployment and security control when using 3rd party MDM tools.

Multi encoding support for ZIP files

ZIP files created using non-default Windows encoding can be processesd to correctly display file names and contents.

  • Supports any valid encoding/codepage. For example, Japanese (Shift-JIS) 932.

To learn more about encoding support for ZIP files, sign in to the Support Portal to read the following article: multi encoding support for ZIP files.

Search for animals with Magnet.AI

Use Magnet.AI picture categorization to search for many animals that are commonly involved in poaching and illegal trading, under four major categories: birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles.


Remote acquisition



Data enrichment and analytics

Bug fixes

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