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Release Notes
Magnet AXIOM Cyber December 11, 2023

Artifact updates

Discord Channels Discord Channels and Servers NEW
DJI Flight Logs DJI Flight Logs NEW
DJI Flight Logs DJI Flight Logs NEW
iMessage/SMS/MMS iMessage/SMS/MMS
Splotlight Searches Spotlight Searches NEW
Telegram Telegram Messages and Users

Significant updates to iOS 17 data recovery

We've updated existing artifacts and added new artifacts to recover important data from SEGB v2 databases in iOS 17. These updates include:

  • The new Spotlight Searches artifact allows you to see which apps and information a user was searching for on their phone.
  • Recover audio iMessage transcripts, even though the audio messages themselves are deleted from the user's device after a few minutes.

Artifact timestamps now include milliseconds

For all artifacts with integer timestamp data acquired in AXIOM Process 7.8.0 or later, timestamps are now accurate to the millisecond. On a target's device, certain system events might occur multiple times per second. With this update, AXIOM can accurately place those events on a timeline and help you to better understand a user's activity.





Bug fixes

Known issues