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Release Notes
Magnet AXIOM January 28, 2018
Artifact updates
Android Call Logs-icon Call Logs
Chrome-icon Chrome
Android contacts-icon Contacts
Email-icon Email
Reddit-icon Reddit NEW
Samsung browser-icon Samsung Browser Tabs NEW
Android SMS-icon SMS/MMS
IOS Messages-icon iMessage/SMS/MMS
Instagram-icon Instagram
IOS location-icon Location History
IOS Messages-icon iMessage/SMS/MMS
KnowledgeC-icon KnowledgeC Intents & Media NEW
Chrome-icon Chrome Extensions NEW
Gmail-icon Edge Favorites & Top Sites... NEW
USB Devices-icon Firefox Favorites & Add-ons NEW
Skype-icon Skype
User accounts-icon User Accounts
Your Phone-icon Your Phone Devices NEW
File artifacts
  • Specify file extensions for files to parse
  • Provide file signatures, such as headers and footers, for files to carve
  • Parsed and carved files are displayed as artifact hits
  • Added new exploits that enable logical acquisitions on rooted Android devices (and some unpatched Android 5,6,7 devices)
  • Recover calendar event information using G Suite
Encrypted Files
  • Encrypted Files artifact now runs much faster and returns better results
  • Turned on by default for users that have Passware

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Bug fixes

Known issues