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Magnet AXIOM March 29, 2019

Artifact updates

Android Keystore-icon Android Keystore NEW
Android Usage History-icon Android Usage History
Chrome-icon Chrome
Discord-icon Discord NEW
Gmail-icon Gmail
Telegram-icon Telegram
TikTok-icon TikTok NEW
WeChat-icon WeChat
Discord-icon Discord NEW
Reddit-icon Reddit NEW
TikTok-icon TikTok NEW
WeChat-icon WeChat
Uber-icon Uber
Calendar-icon Calendar (ICS) NEW
Slack-icon Slack NEW
Twitter-icon Twitter
Facebook-icon Facebook
user accounts-icon Apple Accounts NEW
bash sessions-icon Bash Sessions NEW
bluetooth-icon Bluetooth Devices NEW
Calendar-icon Calendar (ICS) NEW
MacOS CoreAnalytics NEW
MacOS Daily Logs NEW
MacOS Deleted Accounts NEW
macOS continued
MacOS Dock Items NEW
MacOS File System Events NEW
MacOS Finder MRU NEW
MacOS Finder Sidebar Items NEW
Installed Applications-icon Installed Applications NEW
MacOS KnowledgeC NEW
MacOS Login History NEW
MacOS Menu Bar Apps NEW
Network Interfaces-icon Network Interfaces NEW
MacOS Operating System Information NEW
MacOS Resumed Apps NEW
MacOS Startup Items NEW
Trash-icon Trash NEW
Wifi Logs-icon Wi-fi Logs NEW

macOS and APFS support

AXIOM Process now includes processing workflows specifically for macOS computers with APFS.

Support for macOS also includes:

  • Decryption of containers and volumes encrypted using FileVault2.
  • Support for dozens of user and operating system artifacts.
  • Support for browsing APFS filesystems in the Filesystem explorer in AXIOM Examine.

Enhanced timeline capabilities

Use the Timeline explorer to see a single flat timeline of all timestamped data in a case (includes both artifacts and files).

Data is visualized on a graph and categorized based on the type of timestamp (for example, deleted file, device interaction, or file download).

To make your analysis more focused, you can filter by date/time ranges, specific artifacts, items of interest, keywords, and more. More details...

Improved media categorization (Project VIC/CAID)

Magnet AXIOM now comes with more capabilities for categorizing pictures and videos. While AXIOM Process already supported using Project VIC and CAID hash sets in scans, there's a lot more you can now do with media categorization in AXIOM Examine.

Improvements to media categorization allow you to:

  • Create and manage media profiles.
  • Categorize files while in thumbnail view.
  • Save manually categorized evidence back to your hash sets.
  • More details...

AXIOM Cloud updates

The AXIOM Cloud module has added support for new Facebook, Twitter, and Slack sources.

With AXIOM Cloud you can:

  • Process warrant returns received from Facebook.
  • Pocess locally downloaded Facebook user data.
  • Acquire public Twitter data, such as tweets and users.
  • Recover messages, users, channels and other data from a Slack user's account.
  • More details...

More highlights

Other useful features in Magnet AXIOM 3.0:

  • Samsung recovery image acquistions can now be decrypted.
  • Performance improvements to Magnet.AI scans.
  • Changes to Dynamic App Finder to locate relevant data more reliably. More details...

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Bug fixes

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