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Release Notes
Magnet AXIOM June 06, 2019

Artifact updates

Chrome-icon Chrome
Facebook Messenger-icon Facebook Messenger
Instagram-icon Instagram
Life 360-icon Life 360 NEW
Skype Lite-icon Skype Lite
TamTam Messenger-icon TamTam Messenger NEW
Tinder-icon Tinder
Twitter-icon Twitter
WhatsApp-icon WhatsApp
Best Secret Folder-icon Best Secret Folder NEW
Brave-icon Brave NEW
Chrome-icon Chrome
Ecosia-icon Ecosia NEW
Life360-icon Life 360 NEW
Live photos-icon Live Photos NEW
Signal-icon Signal
TamTam Messenger-icon TamTam Messenger NEW
Whale-icon Whale NEW
WhatsApp-icon WhatsApp
Windows Timeline-icon Windows 10 Timeline
Gmail-icon Gmail
Instagram-icon Instagram Warrant Returns NEW

Instagram warrant returns

Instagram warrant returns can contain useful information about a user's activity on the popular social media app.

  • import and process the Instagram warrant returns as part of your case
  • see who is following the user, who they follow, and the user's posts, stories, and shares more details...

Find more deleted files

Deleted files can often contain important information for your investigations.

Magnet AXIOM now searches for:

  • recently deleted files from the Free Queue in APFS filesystems (macOS)
  • artifacts in deleted archives (such as .zip and .tar files)
  • more details...

More SQLite improvements

Building on the new and improved SQLite view that was released in 3.1, this release adds some helpful new features.

From within the SQLite viewer, you can change the character encoding of a column in the table to encoding types such as booleans, ASCII text data, date/time formats, and more. This capability helps keep you working in Magnet AXIOM so you don't need to export the data for viewing in another tool. more details...






Bug fixes

Known issues