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Release Notes
Magnet AXIOM July 03, 2019

Artifact updates

Cake 16-icon Cake NEW
Chrome-icon Chrome
Glide 16-icon Glide NEW
Instagram-icon Instagram
Line-icon Line
Signal-icon Signal
Simcard-icon Sim Card NEW
Andoid SMS-icon SMS and MMS
TamTam Messenger-icon TamTam Messenger
TikTok-icon TikTok
Verizon Messages-icon Verizon Messages NEW
WhatsApp-icon WhatsApp
Chrome-icon Chrome
Glide 16-icon Glide NEW
KnowledgeC-icon KnowledgeC
Line-icon Line
iOS locations services 16-icon Significant Locations
Simcard-icon Sim Card NEW
TamTam Messenger-icon TamTam Messenger
Telegram-icon Telegram
Twitter-icon Twitter
RealPlayer 16-icon Real Player NEW
Skype-icon Skype
QuickTime-icon QuickTime Player NEW

Snapchat warrant returns

Snapchat warrant returns can contain useful information about a user's activity on the popular social media app.

  • import and process the Snapchat warrant returns as part of your case
  • recover messages, group chat details, and any media that was included with the return
  • more details...

Recover SIM card data

Following up the 3.2 release and the introduction of SIM card acquisitions, 3.3 brings additional artifact support.

Magnet AXIOM can recover the following artifacts from SIM cards:

  • recover SMS messages, service provider information, phone numbers, IMSI numbers, and ICCID numbers
  • supported on all mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, Kindle, and Windows Phone)
  • more details...





Bug fixes

Known issues