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Magnet AXIOM July 29, 2019

Artifact updates

Baidu 16-icon Baidu NEW
Hangouts-icon Hangouts Dialer
Instagram-icon Instagram
Line-icon Line
Snapchat-icon Snapchat
WhatsApp-icon WhatsApp
Wifi-icon Wi-Fi Logs
Apple Health 16-icon Apple Health NEW
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IOS-icon PowerLog-Battery Usage NEW
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Waze 16-icon Waze NEW
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Videos-icon Videos

Officer wellness

We've introduced several enhancements to media categorization in AXIOM Examine focused on your wellness. To help reduce your exposure to illicit content while categorizing media, you can now:

  • Automatically blur or hide content graded as an illegal category as well as mute video previews.
  • Set a reminder to stop categorizing media after a specified amount of time or after you’ve categorized a specified number of items.
  • Set a reminder to stop categorizing media at a specified time of day (such as before the end of your work day).
  • More details...

macOS and APFS support

Magnet AXIOM now includes additional support for macOS computers with APFS:

  • AXIOM Process can now scan APFS images up to 4x faster.
  • Magnet AXIOM now surfaces extended attributes from the spotlight database. You can view these attributes in a new Spotlight metadata card in the Artifacts and File system explorers. More details...
  • You can now search unencrypted images of T2 devices.
  • You can now search the unallocated space of an APFS image.

More highlights

Other useful features in Magnet AXIOM 3.4 include:

  • Support for acquiring and processing SD card backups from MediaTek devices. More details...
  • Support for the new format of warrant returns that Instagram and Facebook began providing in summer of 2019. More details...
  • Artifact support for Apple Health for iOS devices. More details...





Bug fixes

Known issues