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Release Notes
Magnet AXIOM August 22, 2019

Artifact updates

Android Usage History-icon Account Autofill NEW
Android Usage History-icon Activity Manager History NEW
Android Usage History-icon Application Power Usage NEW
Android Usage History-icon Camera History NEW
Android Usage History-icon Device Information
Evernote 16-icon Evernote NEW
Android Usage History-icon Installed Apps
Android Usage History-icon Last Known Locations NEW
Snapchat-icon Snapchat
WhatsApp-icon WhatsApp
IOS-icon Device Information
IOS-icon Powerlog Process Data Usage NEW
Snapchat-icon Snapchat
Telegram-icon Telegram NEW
WhatsApp-icon WhatsApp
WhatsApp-icon WhatsApp
Picture-icon Pictures
File-icon File Signatures NEW

Apple warrant returns

Apple warrant returns can contain useful information about a user's synced media and iCloud drive contents.

  • Import and process the Apple warrant returns as part of your case.
  • Automatically decrypt iOS device backups that are included with the return.
  • Recover additional content such as iCloud drive contents that were included with the warrant return.
  • Note: The return package must be decrypted using the instructions provided by Apple prior to processing with AXIOM.
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We've introduced three new picture categorization options with Magnet.AI to help you identify more pictures that might be relevant to your investigation. Magnet.AI picture categorization can now detect possible pictures in the following categories:

  • Human faces
  • Hate symbols known to be used by white supremacist groups
  • License plates on vehicles such as cars, trucks, and vans
  • More details...

Advanced keyword search enhancements

In this release, AXIOM Examine includes several enhancements to advanced keyword searching from the Artifacts explorer:

  • Search for multiple words or search terms and choose whether you want to see results for all (and "AND" search) or any (and "OR" search) of the search terms.
  • Specify if you want to search for items that include or exclude the search term.
  • Optionally limit the search to whole words only or search for instances of the word with the same letter case.
  • More details...






Bug fixes

Known issues