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Magnet AXIOM October 02, 2019

Artifact updates

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WeChat 16-icon WhatsApp
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Magnet AXIOM Cyber beta program

We’re getting ready to release a digital forensics solution tailored to meet the needs of organizations that perform remote acquisitions and collect and analyze evidence from cloud storage services.

To prepare for the official launch of Magnet AXIOM Cyber we’re inviting you to participate in a free beta program. As a participant in the beta program, you will get early access to the most modern solution for your cybersecurity investigations including:

  • Point-to-point remote acquisition: Remotely acquire evidence from target endpoints, even if they are not connected to your corporate network.
  • Acquisition from more cloud services: Acquire evidence from cloud storage services like Amazon Web Services S3 buckets and Microsoft Teams, and load standard or corporate exports from your Slack workspaces.

For more information or to sign up for the Magnet AXIOM Cyber beta program, visit

macOS and iOS support

Magnet AXIOM now includes even more support for macOS and iOS devices:

  • Processing support for iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 devices.
  • Support for recovering device backups from iCloud accounts with two-factor authentication enabled for devices running up to iOS 12. More details...
  • Enhancements to support for encrypted iOS backups. More details...
  • Support for viewing additional extended attributes from evidence from macOS computers with APFS in the APFS metadata card. More details...

Instagram public activity

Collect public-facing Instagram posts using a user name or a hashtag—without requiring login information for specific users.

  • Collect post information and associated media as artifacts and investigate the evidence in AXIOM Examine.
  • When acquiring public Instagram activity, narrow the date range to decrease the amount of time the acquisition takes and to find the most important evidence.
  • More details...

File Signature Mismatch artifact

File Signature Mismatch artifacts highlight files whose extension and file signature do not match. File Signature Mismatch artifacts contains identified mismatches between a known file signature header and the extension (or lack thereof) for an audio file, container, document, picture, or video. A mismatch might occur when a user changes or removes the extension for a file as a way to avoid detection.






Bug fixes

Known issues