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Magnet AXIOM May 04, 2020

Artifact updates

Android-icon Android 10 System Artifacts
Chrome-icon Chrome
Houseparty-icon Houseparty NEW
kakaoTalk-icon KakaoTalk
Snapchat-icon Snapchat
Uber-icon Uber
Wickr-icon Wickr Me NEW
Zoom-icon Zoom
LogMeIn-icon LogMeIn NEW
Remote Desktop Protocol-icon Remote Desktop Protocol
TeamViewer-icon TeamViewer NEW
Virtual Machines-icon Virtual Machines
-Identifiersicon Advertising Identifiers NEW
Apple Mail-icon Apple Mail
Cloud Passwords and Tokens-icon Cloud Passwords and Tokens
Facebook-Messenger-icon Facebook Messenger
Houseparty-icon Houseparty NEW
OS Info-icon iOS System Information
KnowledgeC-icon KnowledgeC Artifacts NEW
iOS Photos-icon Photo Albums
Private Photo Vault-icon Private Photo Vault NEW
Snapchat-icon Snapchat
TextFree-icon TextFree
Threema-icon Threema
Twitter-icon Twitter
VK-icon VK
Wickr-icon Wickr
Zalo-icon Zalo
iOS Notes-icon Apple Voice Notes
Windows Prefetch Files-icon iCloud NEW
KnowledgeC-icon KnowledgeC Artifacts NEW
Live Photos-icon Live Photos
LogMeIn-icon LogMeIn
macOS Info-icon macOS System Information
iOS Photos-icon Photo Albums
Safari-icon Safari Preferences NEW
-icon ZSH Sessions NEW
Chromium-icon Chromium
Safari-icon Safari History
Videos-icon Videos

New exporting wizard

We've completely revamped exports / reports in AXIOM Examine! Use the exporting wizard to create and customize your exports and reports. The intuitive new wizard walks you through a series of steps that are customized to the type of export you're creating.

  • Customize many aspects of your export such as which artifacts or artifact categories you want to include, the title page and formatting options, and more.
  • Streamline your exporting workflow even more by using templates and column configurations.
  • For more information about using the new exporting wizard, review the Exporting evidence using the exporting wizard topic in the Magnet AXIOM User Guide.

Find similar pictures with Magnet.AI

Using content-based image retrieval technology, Magnet.AI now helps you identify pictures that are similar to each other in your case. For example, Magnet.AI can help you find pictures of similar rooms, scenery, building areas, and more.

  • Build picture comparison so that Magnet.AI can analyze the content of each picture file.
  • Select a picture from your case or import an external picture to use as the reference to find other pictures that have similar features.
  • Review the results in the Thumbnail view in the Artifacts explorer. AXIOM Examine sorts the pictures automatically so that the most similar pictures appear at the top.
  • For more information, review the Finding similar pictures with Magnet.AI topic in the Magnet AXIOM User Guide.


You can now acquire information directly from Lyft including trip details and account information.

  • To acquire a Lyft account, you'll need to provide the user's phone number, a 2FA code sent to the device, and the email address associated with the account.
  • The Account Information artifact includes information about the user whose account is being acquired such as user ID, email verification date/time, profile photo, and more.
  • The Trip Details artifact includes detailed information from each trip, including pickup and drop-off locations, time stamps, and information about the driver.
  • More details...






Bug fixes

Known issues