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Release Notes
Magnet AXIOM October 18, 2021

Artifact updates

Android Contacts-icon Contacts
Signal-icon Signal
Snapchat-icon Snapchat
WhatsApp-icon WhatsApp
Zello-icon Zello Audio Messages NEW
Signal-icon Signal
Email-icon EML(X) Files
Keychain-icon Apple Keychain
MacOS_Generic-icon PowerLog In Call Service NEW
Signal-icon Signal
Zello-icon Zello Audio Messages NEW
Generic Filesystem-icon Device Information NEW
Custom Artifact-icon Downloads NEW
Network Interfaces-icon Extensions NEW
OS_Info-icon Offline Storage NEW
Recent Files-icon Recent Tasks NEW
Scheduled Tasks-icon Trash Items NEW

Google Workspace acquisition enhancements

We've redesigned the Cloud acquisition workflow for Google Workspace! Updates include:

  • Improved authentication method selection to better understand the type of data you can expect to acquire based on the method you choose with improved authentication method selection.
  • Updated options to customize the Google account, Google Drive, and application data you want to acquire—including more information about the type of data you can expect to acquire with each option.

Chromebook artifacts

We're introducing even more support for Chromebook images. When you load Chromebook images in AXIOM Process, retrieve data from new, dedicated Chromebook artifacts, including Device Information, Downloads, Extensions, Offline Storage, Recent Tasks, and Trash Items.

For more information about these new artifacts, and all supported artifacts, review the Chromebook section of the Artifact Reference Guide.





Bug fixes

Known issues