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Release Notes
Magnet AXIOM April 12, 2022

Artifact updates

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Outlook-icon Outlook Email
Android SMS-icon SMS/MMS
Snapchat-icon Snapchat
Telegram-icon Telegram Messages
Telegram-icon Telegram Users
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Chrome-icon Chrome Logins
Outlook-icon Outlook Email
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Outlook-icon Outlook Email NEW
Google Drive-icon Google Drive Activity NEW
Bitcoin-icon Bitcoin
WindowsMail-icon Windows Mail
Videos-icon Videos

Outlook Email recovery

With added support for the HxStore format, Magnet AXIOM can now recover emails from the following locations:

  • Outlook Email for Android
  • Outlook Email for iOS
  • Outlook Email for macOS
  • Windows Mail

Magnet AXIOM Cloud Authenticator

The Magnet AXIOM Cloud Authenticator provides a Chrome browser extension to authenticate a Google account. This authentication method provides the highest level of access to data in a Google account.

Cloud insights dashboard

The Case dashboard now includes an Insights section where you can view your case's potential cloud evidence leads.

  • View account details for recovered cloud accounts in your case.
  • View a list of potential artifacts that can be recovered from each account, and learn more about each artifact in the Artifact Reference Guide.
  • Attempt to access accounts using recovered usernames, passwords, and tokens.
  • Use other access methods, such as public activity and warrant returns, to collect more data from each account.

Dark mode

AXIOM Examine now runs in dark mode! Use dark mode to reduce eye strain when you spend long periods of time examining evidence.





Bug fixes

Known issues