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Release Notes
Magnet AXIOM May 31, 2022

Artifact updates

Android Call Logs-icon Android Call Logs
Android Contacts-icon Android Contacts
Android Messages-icon Android Messages
Android SMS/MMS-icon Android SMS/MMS
Textfree-icon Textfree Messages / Calls
iVe-icon Files
All Platforms
Audio-icon Audio
Email Attachment-icon Email Attachments Refined Result
Pictures-icon Pictures
User Accounts-icon User Accounts Refined Result NEW
Video-icon Video
Apple Mail-icon Apple Mail
Apple Mail-icon Apple Maps Searches
Apple Mail-icon Apple Maps Trips
Apple Mail-icon Apple Notes
Apple Mail-icon iOS iMessage/SMS/MMS - App Intents NEW
Apple Mail-icon iOS Maps
Apple Mail-icon iOS Wi-Fi Profiles
Apple Mail-icon Signal Messages
Apple Mail-icon Signal Group Members
Apple Mail-icon SIM Card Activity
Apple Mail-icon Snapchat Cached Videos
Apple Mail-icon Snapchat Chat Messages
Apple Mail-icon Wallet Transactions
Apple Mail-icon Wallet Payment Cards
Mail-icon Cloud MBOX Emails
WhatsApp-icon Cloud WhatsApp Chats
Apple Keychain-icon Apple Keychain
Powershell-icon iCloud
Powershell-icon iCloud Devices NEW
Powershell-icon iCloud Server Files NEW
User Accounts-icon User Accounts - Windows NEW
Operating System Information-icon Operating System Information

Apple Mail improvements

In this release, we've introduced improvements to Apple Mail:

  • Improved email previewing so that marked up emails appear as they would on the phone.
  • Combined Apple Mail and Apple Mail Fragment into a single artifact to make reviewing the evidence easier.
  • For all email artifacts, empty email attachments are no longer reported in the Email Attachments refined result.
  • More details...





Bug fixes

Known issues