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Release Notes
Magnet AXIOM August 29, 2022

Artifact updates

Facebook-icon Facebook Contacts
Facebook Messenger-icon Facebook Messenger
Google Keep-icon Google Keep NEW
LINE-icon LINE Chat
Samsung Notes-icon Samsung Notes NEW
Skype-icon Skype Activity
Snapchat-icon Snapchat Messages
Telegram-icon Telegram Messages
WeChat-icon WeChat Friends
WeChat-icon WeChat Messages
WhatsApp-icon WhatsApp Messages
iOS Mail-icon Apple Mail
LINE-icon LINE Chat
Signal-icon Signal Users
Skype-icon Skype Activity
Twitter-icon Twitter Users
WhatsApp-icon WhatsApp Messages
Skype-icon Skype
AirDrop-icon AirDrop
Google Maps-icon Google Location History
IOS-icon iOS Backups
WhatsApp-icon WhatsApp

Navigation improvements to Artifacts explorer

Navigation in the Artifacts explorer is now more responsive when taking the following actions:

  • Selecting categories on the left pane
  • Loading items when scrolling through evidence
  • Viewing highlighted search results

Undo grading in Media explorer

When grading in the Media explorer, you can now use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z to undo the last grading of a single media item or multi-selected media items.

Improved multi-artifact view in Timeline explorer

The Timeline explorer now shows artifact data in a more convenient view under the timeline graph. Each artifact shows a key, supporting, and additional detail that might be most relevant to your investigation.





Bug fixes

Known issues