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Magnet AXIOM September 20, 2022

Artifact updates

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View individual points in World map view

In the World map view, you can now view individual points or clusters, depending on the needs of your investigation.

Create profiles with User Account data

In addition to Identifier data, you can now create profiles with User Account data from the refined results artifact category.

Updates to Hash Sets Manager

We've added the following features to the Hash Sets Manager beta:

  • You can now upload new hashes from AXIOM Examine directly to existing hash sets in Hash Sets Manager.
  • As an administrator, you can protect certain hash sets from being modified, such as hash sets from Project VIC or CAID.
  • If you're using AXIOM Examine in an offline environment, you can use the latest downloaded version of a hash set while disconnected from Hash Sets Manager.

To learn more about Hash Sets Manager and download a copy of the beta, visit the Magnet Idea Lab.





Bug fixes

Known issues