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Magnet AXIOM November 14, 2022

Artifact updates

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Limit artifacts in Examine by using a Date range filter

You can now limit the results in Examine to only include artifacts for a specified date range.

  • Applying a date range affects all evidence explorers and views with the exception of the File system and Registry explorers.
  • Only applies to UTC times stamps. The filter does not apply to Local Time fragments.
  • Choose to include or exclude artifacts hits that do not include at least one time stamp.

View evidence source dashboards

From the Case dashboard, you can now view consolidated data from all your evidence sources.

  • Click Evidence sources to view all devices and other evidence sources at a glance.
  • Select an evidence source to view summary information about it on its own dashboard.
  • On an evidence source dashboard, use the evidence source details section to view information such as unique device identifier and serial number.
  • Find a starting point with sections for each evidence source's artifact categories, tags, comments, keyword matches, and more.





Bug fixes

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