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Release Notes
Magnet AXIOM July 11, 2023

Artifact updates

Device Information-icon Device Information NEW
Digital Wellbeing-icon Digital Wellbeing Events
Facebook Messenger-icon Facebook Messenger Groups
Facebook Messenger-icon Facebook Messenger Users Contacted
Android SMS-icon MMS/SMS
Samsung Health-icon Samsung Device Health Services CPU Data NEW
Samsung Health-icon Samsung Device Health Services Network Stats NEW
Samsung Positioning-icon Samsung Positioning Path History NEW
Snapchat-icon Snapchat Group Members
WhatsApp-icon WhatsApp Chats
WhatsApp-icon WhatsApp Messages
All platforms
PDF-icon PDF Documents
Pictures-icon Pictures
Videos-icon Videos
Apple Health-icon Apple Health Distance
Apple Health-icon Apple Health Floors
Apple Health-icon Apple Health Heart Rate
Apple Health-icon Apple Health Steps
Apple Health-icon Apple Health Workout NEW
iOS-icon Device Information
Dropbox-icon Dropbox
Snapchat-icon Snapchat Group Members
Autorun-icon Autorun Items
Email Attachments-icon Email Attachments
Installed Programs-icon Installed Programs
Outlook-icon Outlook Emails
Startup Items-icon Startup Items
Notification Center-icon Windows Notification Center

View device wallpapers on the evidence source dashboard

You can now view a device's lock screen and home screen wallpapers on the device's evidence source dashboard in AXIOM Examine.

Enhancements to thumbnail view

We've made the following enhancements to the thumbnail view in the Artifacts explorer:

  • Hover your mouse over a video thumbnail to view a preview of the video.
  • Sort multiple artifacts at a time by MD5 hash or evidence source.

Remove keywords from cases

You can now remove keywords and keyword lists from your AXIOM cases.

Export tags and comments to a JSON file

AXIOM Examine has a new JSON export type that allows you to export tags and comments for ingestion into a third-party tool.




Bug fixes

Known issues