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Magnet AXIOM September 08, 2023

Artifact updates

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Save filter sets

Instead of repeatedly selecting the same combination of filters, you can now save filter sets.

  • Reuse saved filter sets in your current case or export them for use in other AXIOM cases.
  • When you save a filter set, you can select the current set of filters or select from a history of filter sets that AXIOM saves during your current session.

AXIOM integration with GrayKey AppLogic 3.24 (minimum version)

Automatically process images as AXIOM cases directly from the GrayKey/VeraKey UI.

  • Supported extractions include: FFS, AFU, BFU and Logical +
  • Multiple instances of AXIOM can be configured and selected.
  • Monitor download and processing status through a new web dashboard.

Android keystore processing

You can now optionally provide a keystore file when processing a GrayKey Android image.

  • Passwords and decryption keys are automatically parsed and applied to select artifacts.
  • Decrypted values are displayed in AXIOM Examine.

To learn more about Android keystore processing, sign in to the Support Portal to read the following article: Decrypt app data using the Android keystore and GrayKey

View documentation in dark mode

The AXIOM User Guide and Artifact Reference Guide are now available in dark mode! Use dark mode to reduce eye strain when reading the documentation. To view dark mode, click Theme in either of the guides.





Bug fixes

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