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Release notes
June 5, 2024

Blink cloud camera support

  • Added support for Blink branded cloud camera sources.
  • Use this feature to quickly and securely access clips from Blink devices.
Blink cloud camera source

Support for multi-file formats

  • Added support for video files that require multiple files to scan.
  • Added support for batch upload of video files by selecting a folder.
  • New settings tab for detection with exclusions for video files.
Adding a folder of files

New filesystems and file formats

  • Refactored WFS, DHFS, Magic, and IFS filesystem families.
  • Implemented Watchdog filesystem (ATS170057).
  • Implemented the following video file formats:
    • FfAvfAvf001
    • FfAvdAvd001
    • FfNdvrDvr001
    • FfQvfsDav001
    • FfSsfSec001
    • FfPavs264Psf001
    • FfBox001

New and improved reports

  • Implemented new detection report and new playlist report.
  • Improved clip list and playlist reports to reflect the filter and sorting applied in the UI.
  • Added the ability to pick both report formats (PDF and Excel) in settings.